Saturday, July 28, 2012 update!

I know, it has been almost four months since my last update, but life here has been kind of crazy.

After Tobias's surgery we had a scare with some swelling of his abdomen, but thanks to God it resolved on his own and his surgeon gave him the complete discharge from her practice (unless something new comes up, of course), but we were so happy to hear the words "I don't need to see him anymore".. and we actually love our surgeon, but rather see her in other terms than discussing the next "going under the knife" for the little guy. We are confident on God that Toby will not have any more issues, so far so good!

Soon after that we were busy busy packing and moving from our favorite town in the world to our hopefully next favorite city in the world. In other words we moved from Fort Collins, CO, USA to Toronto, ON, Canada!!!

Big, no, actually huge change, but hopefully we will adapt and enjoy the change from small town to big, did I say big?, no, huge city!! Ok, no so huge, it is not as big as Bogota, my hometown, but it is pretty big compared to Fort Collins.

Ok, so now you understand our silence here, we have had a crazy schedule, trying to find a place to live, adjusting to the big city life, and adjusting to life in another country..yes it is very similar to the US, in some things, but at the same time it is very different.

Here are a few pictures that resume our last four motnhs..actually the last two months that we have been in Toronto. And if you aren't convinced to come visit us after seeing the pictures, well, we are in trouble.

 At the Harbourfront, in the last day of spring..every single day after that last day of may has been summer 100%

 Downtown Toronto..The building in the back is were our temporary condo is.

 At one of the many beaches in Toronto. this one is in one of the islands.

Cherry beach

 Here in the gardens of Casa Loma, Toronto very own castle.

 Enjoying the views from the CN tower! (533m above ground. that is more than 1500 ft!)

Toby and his new belly

 This is at the Ontario Science centre

 And this one back at the tower...he is not scared of the plane, just tired of so much sightseeing.

 At the Zoo.

King Tobias at the Royal Ontario Museum

 And at the Niagara Falls..of course.

One last one with nico before he headed of to his summer vacation..We miss you Nico!!

Yo se, han pasado mas de 4 meses desde la ultima vez que puse algo en el blog, pero la vida por aqui ha sido medio loca.

Despues de la cirugia de Tobias tuvimos un pequeno susto porque la herida empezo acumular mucho liquido, pero gracuias a Dios se resolvio solo sin tener que tener otra operacion y la cirujana nos dijo que ya no lo tien que volver a ver!!. Obviamente si algo llega a ocurrir, pues tendremos que volver, pero por ahora estamos muy contentos de saber que no hay mas cirujias en el camino y confiamos en Dios de que siga asi. Hasta el momento todo bien!!

Justo despues de eso, estuvimos super ocupados empacando y trasteandonos de nuestro "pueblo" favorito a la ciudad que esperamos sea nuestra siguiente favorita. En otras palabras nos mudamos de Fort Collins, CO, USA  a Toronto, ON, Canada!!!

Un cambio grande..o mas bien gigante, pero esperamos adaptaptarnos al cambio de ciudad chiquitica a ciudad gigantesca..aunque no es tan grande como Bogota, pero mucho mas grande que Fort Collins.

Ok, ahora entienden nuestro silecio en el blog. Hemos tenido una agenda medio pesadita tratando de conseguir casa donde vivir y de adaptarnos a la vida urbana nuevamente. Tambien a la vida en otro pais, aunque es parecido a los Estados Unidos, tambien es muy diferente..

Ya habran visto las fotos que puse arriba y que describen animadamente nuestros ultimos dos meses de vida en Toronto, y si despues de esas fotos no se han convencido de venir a visitarnos..pues estamos en problemas..