Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 6 and belly pictures.

Enjoying his recovery with big sister!

Tobias is doing great. I am still pretty much holding him and carrying him everywhere, but we are letting him walk a little everyday. His pain is manageable but some movements make him hurt and cry.

I know I have never posted pictures of Tobias O, we didn't get to take any of his unrepairted O. I actually never got to see it myself. But I know how important it was for me when we first learnt about his O, to be able to see pictures of real babies pre and post-surgery. So I would like to add Tobias' pics to this blog for all my fellow O-moms.

This was taken right before surgery.

This one was taken yesterday. He still has some fluid retention underneath the skin, but he has a flat belly now!

He is still a little bit shy about showing his belly.

Tobias esta muy bien. Todavia lo estoy alzando la mayor parte del dia, pero lo dejamos caminar un poquito cada dia. El dolor es manejable con acetaminofen, pero algunos moviemientos todavia le duelen y lo hacen llorar.

Yo se que nunca he puesto fotos del O de Tobias. La verdad cuando nacio ni siquera yo lo pude ver. Pero cuando yo estaba embarazada, ver fotos de otros bebes antes y despues de la cirugia fue super importante para mi, asi que me gustaria anadir las de Tobias para todas las mamas que estan esperando bebes con omfalocele o que estan esperando la cirugia.


  1. I promise I am not a stalker. Just very curious about other O's. Thank you so much for sharing these. I like to see what the future may hold for me (or very similar). I just posted my MRI pictures. I guess I got confused on what they did after T was born. You never saw it? So they were able to push it all the way in that fast? Did you have to wrap it at all when you brought him home? Guess I need to go back and reread your older posts - sorry. He's so cute and glad everything went well overall. I pray he continues to heal smoothly.

  2. Hy, I just stumbled across you blog while researching about prozac omphalocele. It is indeed a story to inspire us all. A little boy showing so much courage. Thank you for posting this. Also, thank you for translating your articles in english. I'mafraid my spanish is very poor and I would have had a hard time reading your blog.

  3. Tobias looks so great! I am so glad he is healing well. Kalista still awaits that day for her final closure...but that day will come for us too. I wish you all the best.