Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tobias' story seen through his big brother's eyes!

A few weeks ago, Nico had to write a story for his English class and he decided to write Tobias' story.
So here it goes:

-"I hope he is alright", I thought, partially anxious with a frown of tears. It felt like I was a hundred stories high but it was probably 15-25 stories high. In the highest floor, in a dense room, and most importantly, in the C-section floor, I waited patiently.
My baby brother was feeling the doctor’s hands for the first time, he was breathing for the first time and he was being operated for the first time.

It was a hot day in the middle of the year. I was 10 years old in a sports camp. At the end of the day I would get bad news and good news from my mother, but then, I didn’t know that. When I was waiting for my mom I was very excited for the big news. When my mom came to pick me up she had a frown on her face with red watery eyes, but no tears. -“Is he a boy or a girl?” I wondered, with a smile of joy.
-“A boy” my mom told me with a small grin. –“But he has a birth defect that is called the Omphalocele”

Some months after I had started school, on September 28th, I had to go to our city’s hospital. The reason was that my mom had been having contractions. She had been there for a while and it was night. Because of the omphalocele, we had to go to a bigger hospital and with my dad and sister we had to sleep in the minivan.
Our minivan was a cozy contraption. On the top of the van we have a TV. The chairs can go down so that is how we slept.

When we woke up, we went to the room that my mom was in and my dad went with my mom to Tobias’s birth.
After waiting a while my dad came in and told me it had gone well and my mom hadn’t even felt it.

While Tobias was still in the hospital we would go to a very nice place called the Ronald McDonald House. It was a place for families like mine to live until Tobias was able to go home.

"Nico and Emily playing at the Ronald McDonald house. We will forever be grateful of that wonderful place"

I can still remember the first time I saw Tobias. He had stitches and needles all over his face. What I mainly remember is a big, long skinny scar and the bump on his stomach.
Tobias, two days old. NICU level III

Nico, the second time he saw Tobias. Unfurtunately, we didn't have the camera the first time. Here Tobias was already in the NICU level II.

Sometimes, my mom would tell me “one in 10.000 newborns get Tobias’s birth defect. But that was when Tobias was already home after spending three weeks in the hospital.

I was never afraid because I knew he was alright!

Next post: It is surgery time!!. Tobias has been scheduled for surgery on March 9th, at 9am!. I am totally convinced that Tobias’s journey has been as smooth as can be thanks to everybody out there praying and sending positive thoughts our way. I can’t say that I am not scare to death because of his upcoming surgery, after all, what parent would like to see his/her child under the surgeons’ knife, but I am sure that with your continuous prayers and positive energy and thoughts he will continue to be a fighter and as Nico said, he will be alright.

Today, Tobias playing with the snow!