Monday, June 13, 2011

Un dia en las montanhas!

Ayer fuimos al parque de las montanhas rocosas para que Gale, la tia de john que esta de visita lo conociera. El dia estuvo espectacular y todos disfrutamos del paseo. Especialmente Emily!
Tobias estuvo tranquilo como siempre y disfruto de la naturaleza y el sol de primavera.

This can also be called "How NOT to wrap a Moby carrier".

Nico posando como siempre!

Tobias enjoying a cookie. We are introducing finger foods and he loves to chew on this cookies for babies.

Tomar una foto de un solo ninho es dificil. Tomar cuando hay mas de uno es casi imposible..

He was going to start clapping. Hurray for Spring weather!

Yesterday we spent the day at the Rocky Mountain National Park. John's aunt, Gale, is visiting and we knew she would enjoy this park. The day was spectacular and we all had a great time. Tobias was calm as always and he enjoyed the sun and spring weather very much.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

8 months old!

If you are still trying to decide between Obama and whoever the GOP candidate is going to be...

Tobías is 8 months old!. Actually, he is 8 months and a week. I started writing this post a week ago, and just now have the time to sit down and finish. Hopefully!

Tobías is doing great, as always. He started to wave goodbye and hello!, He claps, He loves to walk (you have to hold both of his hands, of course), and he is finally saying MAMA!!!.. I don't know if he understands what it means, but just the sound of that word coming from his mouth, melts my heart. He is not crawling yet and I am thinking it might be a while, but he just started to put his hands on front of him while sitting and moves back and forth until he crashes face forward on the floor, pillows, bed, etc..;)

He is also gaining more stability standing up while holding on something.

Loving the outdoors! / Disfrutando del parque!

I have read the O babies have sometimes issues with food and eating well. I had assumed that since Tobias doesn't have any oral aversion and has been eating and gaining weight we were one of the lucky O families with no feeding issues. Well, think again woman!!. Tobias is not eating as much as I would like. While he has started to get a kick from the baby foods (mashed fruits, yogurt, mixed fruits and cereals) he is taking a lot less breastmilk and/or formula that he used to.
I'm trying to not freak out, but I took him last week for a weight check at the pediatrician's office and he hadn't gained any weight in the last 5 weeks. He did gain half an inch in height and about an inch in head circumference (smart little boy!). So the nurse said, since he is growing, there is no reason to be concerned. However she is going to talk to Tobias's doctor to see what he thinks and maybe we can start supplementing his food somehow.
He is being doing better in the last week. So we’ll see.

First day in the pool!

Tobías had an appointment with his surgeon two weeks ago and she said they will not consider surgery until he is at least 1 and a half. And as long as he is gaining weight we don't have to check with them again until around his first birthday. I said them and not her, because she is leaving the practice so now we need to choose one of the other three surgeons at the office. We really like the surgeon (Dr. K) that did his hernia repair when he was one month old, she is very charismatic and also a very good surgeon. We also like the chief of the practice (Dr. R) and actually, he was the surgeon we had chosen when I was pregnant, but since little Tobias decided to come a week early, Dr R of town, so Dr Y who was on call, performed his first surgery and she did a great job. We may also go for a second opinion to Children’s, but we are still trying to decide on that.

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since we found out about the O. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think this life-changing experience has helped us become better, stronger human beings who cherish every moment of our life with our three wonderful children.