Wednesday, September 29, 2010

B-day story

Our planned c-section was schedule for the 7th, thursday next week. I guess TObias had other plans. On Tuesday at noon I started feeling contractions every 10 min and more pressure than the regular practicing or Braxton-hicks contraction. As the afternoon went they started to be every 7min. I had been on my feet a lot, trying to finish things at work, so I didn't think much about it. When I got home I sat down and drank a couple of cups of water, but it didn't help much. So I called my regular ob/gyn and he thought it was just false labor. However, because of our special situation with the O, he called back at about 7:30 and told me to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. John dropped me off and then took the kids to eat something for dinner. Meanwhile I was put on the monitor by one of the nurses. At that point I had my doubts that I was in real labor, but thought it was better "safe than sorry". 20 min later the doc came in and said, well you know you are contracting every 2-3 min, right?. Mmmmm NO!!. Then he checked my cervix and I was 3 cm dilated. I was in shock, but still thinking this can't be it! So, they gave me a shot of medicine (terbutuline) which is supposed to stop contractions if you are in false labor. The drug did slow down the contractions and I was feeling very hopeful, but after a while they started coming back together again. My doc then consulted with the perinatologist in Denver and decided that to be on the safe side it would be better to send me on the ambulance to the hospital in Denver. So off we went. My friend Carolina, who is like a sister to me, had the privilege to enjoy riding in the ambulance with me, while John and the kids followed behind.
Before we left, they gave me another turbutoline shot and the contractions went back to 10-15 min. We got to Denver at about 1am and there was no change, so they just told me to try to sleep and wait to see how things were looking in the morning. Poor John took the kids back to the minivan and they spent the night there, which was fun for the kids, but not for daddy.
In the morning, my contractions were again every 7 min, so they decided to do an amniocentesis to make sure Tobias' lungs were mature.
After the amnio I went back to the room to be monitored. 10 min later a nurse came into the room and told me to lay on my side and a min later the doctor came and said we are delivering the baby right now. Tobias's heart rate was going down with each contraction, indication that he wasn't tolerating the contractions and was in distress.
I couldn't believe that I was about to meet my little one more than a week before the original "plan".
I just had time to make a quick cal to my mom in Colombia to tell her what was going on and then I was rushed to the OR. 10 min later Tobias was welcomed into this world. He cry a little bit, but was a little lazy breathing on his own, so he was put on the ventilator right away. I didn't have a chance to see him until late in the afternoon. He was still in the ventilator but breathing on his own most of the time. He is the most beautiful baby, of course I am his mom, so I might be just a litle bit biased, ;-)

He is a good size considering he is a pre-term baby. He weighted 6 lb, 5 oz. Right after the birth he had an echocardiogram which showed he has two tiny "holes" in his heart but apparently most newborns have them and they should close on their own. His heart is also in the other side of where it is supposed to be, but the doctors don't seem concerned about that either.

I"ll try to put some pictures as soon as I can. Since we left the house in a rush, we didn't get a chance to grab our laptop. So I'm using the iPad and I can't transfer the pictures directly.

Finally, I just wanted to thank everybody for all the prayers and good energy that are always coming our way. Thanks to them, Tobias is doing great.

Tobias is here / Tobias esta aqui

Tobias was born today sep, 29 at 10:28 am via emergency c-section. I'll post the complete story later. We are doing good so far, although I haven't been able to see my little boy yet. Please continue sending good thoughts and prayers our way. We appreciate them very much.

Tobias nacio hoy 29 de septiembre a las 10:28 am por una cesarea de emergencia. Mas tarde escribire la historia completa. Por ahora Tobias y yo estamos bien, aunque no he podido ver a mi pequenin todavia. Por favor sigan orando por nosotros y enviando pensamientos positivos. Se los agradecemos mucho!

Friday, September 10, 2010

We have a date!

Week 33 and the countdown begins. It seems as it was yesterday that we found out about Tobías’ O. At the same time, it feels like an eternity and those days, although still very clear in my mind, seem to be from another time.

If everything goes as planned, Tobías will be making his official appearance on October 7th!. The perinatologist had scheduled the C-section for October 5th, but our pediatric surgeon is going to be out of town on that day, so we had to re-schedule it for the 7th. It seems a little early to me. I would prefer for Tobías to “cook” a little bit more inside my belly, but at the same time, we don’t want to risk going into labor and don’t be able to make it to Denver, where the hospital with the high level NICU is. In summary, on Ocotober 6th at 3 pm we have to go to the hospital to get another amnioscentesis done. This time it is to make sure that Tobías’s lungs are mature and ready to go. If the result is positive, the C-section goes as planned for October 7th at 9 am.

Meanwhile, Tobías looks very happy inside my belly. He keeps growing well and his abdomen is still measuring only two weeks behind, which means it has kept growing in proportion as the rest of his little body. He weights approximately 4lb, 5oz. The O looks about the same, and it even looked a little bit smaller, but it could be that we have just got use to it.
Ok, the countdown begins and the anxiety starts to kick in. At least mine!

The last couple of weeks have been full with anticipation for Tobías imminent arrival, happiness to see Nico becoming a little- young adult who is starting his last year of elementary school and joy to see how everyday Emily seems bigger, smarter and cuter, although spoiled as always.

Unfortunately, we also had to add sadness to the list. John’s grandmother, Bonnie Jean past away on Monday morning. “Grandma” Bonnie will always be in our hearts. We know it will be impossible to fill the empty space that we all feel without her. One thing we know for sure, Tobías now has another guardian angel looking after him.

Tenemos la fecha!!

Semana 33 y la cuenta regresiva comienza. Parece que fue ayer que nos enteramos del O de Tobías. Al mismo tiempo parece una eternidad y esos dias, aunque todavia claros en mi mente, dan la impresion de ser de otro tiempo.

Si todo sigue al pie de la letra, Tobías estara haciendo su primera aparicion oficial el 7 de octubre!. Inicialmente nos habian programado la cesarea para el 5 de octubre, pero justamente esa semana el cirujano pediatra estara por fuera de la ciudad entonces nos toco cambiar la fecha. Parece un poco pronto, y yo preferiria que Tobias se “cocinara” en mi barriga un poquito mas, pero al mismo tiempo, no quiero empezar mi trabajo de parto y no tener tiempo de llegar a Denver al hospital que tiene la unidad de cuidados intensivos para bebes. En conclusion, el 6 de octubre a las 3 pm tenemos que estar en el hospital para que el perinatologo haga otra amnioscentesis, esta vez para asegurarse que los pulmones de Tobias estan maduros y listos para recibir los bocados de aire. Si el resultado es positivo, la cesarea se prepara para las 9 am del 7 de octubre.

Por el momento, Tobías parece estar feliz en mi barriga, sigue creciendo normal, y su abdomen sigue estando solo dos semanas mas pequeno de lo que deberia ser. Lo que quiere decir que de todas formas ha seguido creciendo en proporcion con el resto del cuerpo. El peso estimado es 4lb, 5oz. Su O sigue igual, y no sabemos si es que ya nos acostumbramos o que, pero esta vez nos parecio que estaba un poco mas pequeno en relacion a su cuerpecito.
Bueno, la cuenta regresiva comienza y los nervios empiezan a hervir. Al menos los mios!.

Estos dias han estado llenos de anticipacion por Tobías, felicidad y susto de ver a Nico en su ultimo anho de primaria y viendolo convertirse en un pequeno adulto y de ver a Emily creciendo cada dia mas grande, inteligente y bonita, aunque igual de consentida que siempre.

Desafortunadamente tambien tenemos que sumar tristeza a la lista. La abuelita de John, Bonnie Jean fallecio en la madrugada del lunes. “Grandma” Bonnie siempre estara en nuestros corazones y sin lugar a dudas sera imposible llenar el vacio que deja su ausencia. Una cosa si sabemos, ahora Tobías tiene otro angel guardian cuidandolo.